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Monday, 3 June 2013

How Single, Or Widowed, Gals Can Date Cautiously

By Stefen D Trudeau

My hubby was only 32 years old when he passed away. I was twenty-eight. While grieving, I centered on becoming the finest solo parent possible to our only toddler. That was until my best friends staged an intervention with my own love life lately.

I am presently around Mark's age when I lost him. Honestly, I'm not sure how to get back out there anymore. Blessie offered me an iPhone stun weapon. She states it is the most suitable personal defense device for cautious dating, to ensure that I can muster the bravery to begin once more.

Mark would have had a good chance versus those armed muggers had he brought a stun device. He would have been able to escape and also contact 9-1-1 while they were immobilized for 20 to 40 minutes.

Stun weapons drop electric shock into the body on impact. His own opponents would have lost their balance and muscle movement, and tumbled over ultimately. They are non-deadly, and they would have lived through without irreparable injury, although in prison.

Blessie, a good friend, had gone with the only iPhone replica among camouflaged stun guns on the market. It is completely stealth. The bad guy would be floored and convulsing just before knowing he had been electric-shocked.

For a lady, blindsiding an attacker means an opportunity to quell him while his physical strength hasn't come into play. With an extra-powerful high voltage stun weapon spewing millions of volts, she can then eliminate the threat completely.

This one is a rechargeable cellular phone stun gun packed with 3.8 million volts plus an integrated flashlight, integrated rechargeable battery, charging cable and also free leather holster. An iPhone wouldn't raise a red flag with any predator.

Admittedly, the Guard Dog Security iStun iPhone stun gun makes me feel a lot bolder with regards to going out on dates again. If I don't, I still feel braver about being up against robbers as compared to I ever did.

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